Buildings and land shall be used, and buildings shall be erected, altered, moved or maintained in a Recreation and Residential Development (R & R) District only in accordance with the following uses:
   (a)    Main Buildings and Uses.
      (1)    Residential areas.
         A.    Any area or areas within the R & R District may be used for one- family dwellings permitted in accordance with Section 1123.03 of the Planning and Zoning Code of the City of Highland Heights.
         B.    Detached single family cluster dwellings.
         C.    Attached single family cluster dwellings.
      (2)    Recreation areas.
   (b)    Accessory Buildings and Uses.
      (1)    Enclosed garages and open parking areas for the use of guests of the occupants of single family cluster units.
      (2)    Fences, walks, pools, restrooms, clubhouses.
      (3)    Maintenance facilities for golf courses.
      (4)    Signs.
         (Ord. 40-1986. Approved by electors 11-4-86.)