(a)   The Commission shall provide a detailed report of all its proceedings, setting forth its reasons for decisions, the vote of each member participating therein and the absence of a member or his failure to vote. Such a record, immediately following the Commission's decision, shall be filed in the office of the Building Commissioner and it shall be open to public inspection, and copies shall be mailed forthwith to each interested party.
   (b)   Special conditions that may be prescribed by the Commission in its decision shall be incorporated by the Building Commissioner on any building permit in indelible ink issued subsequently in accord with such decisions.
   (c)   All decisions of the Commission are final, unless appealed to the Board of Building and Zoning Appeals as permitted by the City Charter and Chapter 1114. All matters that have been denied by both the Commission and the Board may not be reintroduced before the Commission for at least one year from the date of the Commission’s decision.
(Ord. 21-1995. Passed 9-26-95.)