(a)    The office of Consulting Landscape Architect for the City is hereby established.
   (b)    The office of Consulting Landscape Architect shall be filled by appointment by the Mayor, confirmed by a majority of the members of Council and shall be for a period of one year, expiring on December 31 of the year of appointment.
   (c)    The duties of the Consulting Landscape Architect shall be as follows: responsibility for the review and study of all landscaping plans submitted in connection with the proposed construction of all buildings in the City, except for one and two-family residential buildings; responsibility for preparing and submitting to the Architectural Review Board a written report on each of these plans, incorporating therein his opinion of the plans and any recommendations he may have with respect to suggested modifications or changes in the plan. (Ord. 11-1972. Passed 7-11-72.)
   (d)    The Landscape Architect is hereby authorized to supervise the implementation of all landscaping plans initially approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission for all property within the corporate limits of the City.
   (e)    This supervision shall include necessary and timely inspections of the work as it progresses on each project, and it shall require the final approval of the Landscape Architect at the conclusion of the work. (Ord. 12-1972. Passed 7-11-72.)