(a)    The Architectural Review Board shall not approve any application for a permit to construct, alter or enlarge any building or structure in a residence district which shall be like or substantially like any neighboring structure, as hereinafter defined, then in existence or for which a building permit has been issued, or which is included in the same building permit application, in more than three of the following seven respects:
      (1)    Height of the main roof ridge, or, in the case of a flat roof, the highest point of that roof;
      (2)    Height of the main roof ridge above the tip of the plate (all flat roofs shall be deemed identical in this dimension);
      (3)    Length of the main roof ridge, or in the case of a flat roof, length of the main roof area;
      (4)    Depth of side walls at the ends of the building or structure measured under the main roof at right angles to the front thereof;
      (5)    Relative location of windows in the front and both side elevations with respect to each other and to any door, chimney, porch or attached garage in the same elevation;
      (6)    Relative location of any attached garage, porch or gable, in the front elevation with respect to each other and to the building;
      (7)    Building materials to be used on the exterior surfaces, front and sides.
   (b)    Buildings or structures shall be deemed to be like each other in any dimension when the difference between them is not more than two feet; or when the only difference in relative location of elements is end to end or side to side reversal of such elements.
   (c)    In relation to the premises with respect to which a building or structure is sought to be erected, constructed, placed, altered or enlarged; a building or structure shall be deemed to be a neighboring building or structure if the lot upon which it or any part of it has been or will be located is any one of the following lots:
      (1)    Any first or second neighboring lot on either side of subject premises or five opposing lots on the opposite side of street, regardless of intervening streets.
      (2)    Any lot of which any part of street frontage faces the end of, and is within the width of, the subject street, if less than two lots from subject premises.
      (3)    Any lot fronting on another street and adjoining lot of subject premises.
          (Ord. 53-1969. Passed 3-10-70.)