1111.01  INTENT.
   The Architectural Review Board shall review all applications for building permits for one-family and two-family dwellings, including applications for alterations or additions to existing buildings of these types, and the Board shall have the authority to approve or disapprove such applications. In the event such applications are disapproved, reasons for such disapproval shall be reduced to writing and attached to such applications. Within ten days after notification by the Board to the applicant of such disapproval, the applicant may appeal such disapproval to the Planning and Zoning Commission. The Planning and Zoning Commission may either affirm, modify or reverse the disapproval within thirty days from date of receipt of such appeal.
   The Architectural Review Board shall assist and advise the Planning and Zoning Commission on the design, amenities, quality and appearance of all proposed multi-family, institutional, business, commercial and industrial buildings. The Architectural Review Board shall similarly assist and advise the Commission on all proposed public structures and areas such as municipal buildings, public parks and playgrounds.
   All standards, regulations and criteria which are contained in this Code shall be considered by the Board in its review. (Ord. 45-1966. Passed 1-24-67.)