An application for a conditional use permit shall not be approved unless it complies with the following conditions:
     (a)       That the proposed use when located on a local residential street is such as to generate a minimum of vehicular traffic to and through such streets;
     (b)       That the location, design and operation of such use will not adversely affect the surrounding residential area;
     (c)       That the proposed use, when alcoholic beverages are to be served, shall not be less than 500 feet distant from churches and schools;
     (d)       That the hours of operation and concentration of vehicles in connection with the proposed use will not affect adversely the repose, peace and quiet of adjacent residents and the orderly flow of traffic on adjacent streets.
     The applicant for a conditional use permit shall pay a fee as required by Section 1113.05, which sum shall be used to defray the expenses of advertising, stenographers, postage or such other costs incident to determining whether such permit should be issued.
     In evaluating the application, the Commission shall address truck parking on the premises, delivery hours, vehicular and other noise, location and maintenance of refuse containers, hours of operation and landscape screening. In addition to the above general standards, appropriate specific safeguards, applying to a particular application, may also be specified in the permit.
(Ord.  21-2020.  Passed 7-28-20.)