(a)    When Amendment is Pending. No building permits or certificates of occupancy for change in use shall be issued during the period of a pending amendment, whether recommended by the Commission or introduced by Council, if such amendment would affect the building or use applied for, but such permit shall not be withheld for more than ninety days after the application is submitted, or after final action by Council has been taken, whichever is the shorter period.
   (b)    When Lot Does Not Comply. No building permit shall be issued for a residential building on a lot unless such lot complies with the following:
      (1)    The lot shall abut for the required width upon a dedicated street or upon a street in which dedication is pending, and
      (2)    All required improvements (utilities, pavement, etc.) shall be constructed, or their construction assured, and
      (3)    The lot shall be located in a duly recorded subdivision or resubdivision, or a lot of record which has been approved by the Commission and complies with all the requirements of this Zoning Code and the City Subdivision Regulations. (Ord. 21-1963. Passed 7-9-63.)