No excavation or site improvements shall be started, nor shall any buildings or structures be erected, altered or moved, until a building permit and zoning certificate have been applied for by the owner of the premises or a person legally acting under written authority of such owner, and issued by the Building Commissioner.
   (a)    Compliance with Zoning Regulations. Permits shall be issued by the Building Commissioner only if the work described in the application clearly complies with all provisions of this and other Municipal codes. Where work does not comply, the Building Commissioner shall not have powers to grant variances or make exceptions.
   (b)    Conditional Use Permit Required. No building permit for any of the buildings or uses requiring a conditional use permit shall be issued until such permit has been applied for and issued in compliance with Chapter 1109.
   (c)    Determination of Similar Use Required. No building permit for any building or use shall be issued for any similar use not specifically listed in this Zoning Code until similar use determination has been made.
(Ord. 21-1963. Passed 7-9-63.)