No person shall construct or maintain an electric power line carrying greater voltage than 33,000 volts, without first obtaining a permit from Council. No charge shall be made for such permit. The applicant shall first file plans and specifications which shall show the course and route of such proposed line in or through the Municipality. Such line shall be installed underground, at a minimum depth of six feet below grade. It shall be backfilled by and laid in at least six inches of sand. It shall be standard underground pipe type cable, lead covered, to be no less than the standard minimum A.E.I.C. specification as to voltage, herein adopted. Such line shall be encased in an enclosed sealed and welded steel pipe with protective sheath having a somatic coating. Such pipe may either be oiled or gas filled and shall be capable of withstanding any maintained pressure.
(Ord. 16-1996. Passed 1-14-97.)