(a)   No person shall construct or maintain an electric power line carrying any voltage greater than 250 volts, without first obtaining a permit from Council.  No charge shall be made for such a permit.  This section shall not apply to any electric power line installed and in operation prior to the date of this section.
   (b)   The applicant shall file plans and specifications which shall show the course and the route of the proposed line in or through the Municipality.
   (c)   The installation of any electric power line carrying over 250 volts shall be underground.
   The method of such underground installation shall be any method of underground construction approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio or the National Electrical Code, with or without lead covered cable and to a depth underground approved by such authority.
   (d)   Nothing contained in this section shall be construed as permitting power lines of 250 volts or less to be installed above ground in new major and minor subdivisions in violation of any terms of the Planning and Zoning Code sections.
(Ord. 16-1996.  Passed 1-14-97.)