(a)    Whenever a property owner constructs a private driveway extension over the unpaved portion of a public road from his property line to the paved portion of such road, and such unpaved portion has on it a roadside drainage ditch, he shall provide for the unobstructed flow of drainage water in such ditch by installing a culvert under such driveway extension to the following specifications:
      (1)    Inside diameter to be at least twelve inches;
      (2)    Length to be at least sixteen feet; and
      (3)    Material to be either concrete or corrugated metal pipe.
   (b)    The Service Director may require an inside diameter no greater than forty-eight inches or a length no greater than forty feet, or may require or permit construction to be of material other than concrete or corrugated metal if, in his opinion, the size of the ditch or driveway or other circumstances so require. (Ord . 459-1954. Passed 12-13-54.)
   (c)    The Service Director is hereby authorized and directed to inspect all culverts within the City constructed pursuant to the requirements of this section, such inspection to take place during the month of May of each calendar year. If such inspection discloses that any such culvert is bent, broken or obstructed, so as to impede the flow of drainage water in the ditch in which the same is installed, he shall give written notice to the owner of the property to which the driveway extension over the culvert leads, notifying him of such obstruction. Such owner shall, within thirty days thereafter, repair or replace the culvert, so as to provide for unobstructive flow of drainage water in the ditch in which the culvert is installed.
(Ord. 23-1975. Passed 8-26-75.)