(a)   No person shall distribute mechanical or electromechanical amusement devices within the City by lease, conditional sale or any financial conditional method without a distributor's license.
   (b)    A distributor, also known as an operator, shall first obtain a distributor's license from the Mayor upon the payment of the annual license fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00). This license fee shall be for the fiscal year beginning January 1 of the calendar year or for any unexpired portion of the fiscal year.
   (c)    Nothing in this section shall be intended to prohibit any person or the owner of a place of business to purchase a mechanical or electromechanical amusement device outright from any source, provided compliance is made for the annual license as hereinbefore set forth and upon presentation of a bill of sale therefor.
(Ord. 16-1976. Passed 4-13-76.)