709.11  EXIT SIGNS.
   Exit signs or lights are required only when more than twelve persons are housed.
   Signs bearing the word "exit" shall be placed at each egress doorway, except at doors of patients or resident-occupied rooms entering upon common use corridors or passageways, and shall be so installed as to be legible from the direction of travel thereto. Where such doorways and signs are not readily discernible from patient or resident-occupied room doorways, an adequate number of additional signs shall be provided bearing the term "exit" with an arrow pointing in the direction of such exit.
   Exit signs shall bear letters at least four and one-half inches in height with strokes not less than three-fourths inch in width.
   All exit and directional signs shall be maintained clearly legible by electric illumination or other adequate means when natural light fails. (Ord. 31-1964. Passed 1-12-65.)