No person, being the owner of a parking lot maintained as an accessory use or for the primary purpose of serving other than a residential establishment in the City shall allow the use of such parking lot for the parking of motor vehicles except during the hours and on the days on which the associated building is open for business or the owner of the vehicle is actually on the premises unless permission for parking such vehicle shall first have been obtained from or under the direction of the Mayor. The Mayor may establish reasonable standards and criteria for the issuance of permits for the parking of vehicles not otherwise allowed pursuant to this section for periods of not more than seventy-two consecutive hours and no charge shall be made for such temporary permits.
   Businesses maintaining fleets of motor vehicles which are generally kept parked on the premises during the time in which the business is not in operation may apply for and be issued parking permits for each such vehicle at a cost of five dollars ($5.00) per vehicle. Such permits shall be valid for a period of six months and may be reissued upon the payment of a like fee. In issuing such permit, the Mayor or his designated representative may restrict the location in which such vehicles may be parked for the purpose of enhancing visibility of the premises, for purposes of routine police patrol or for the purpose of making it easier for the Police Department to quickly ascertain whether a vehicle parked in the vicinity of the building in question is an authorized vehicle or, in the alternative, whether it demands further
investigation. (Ord. 11-1980. Passed 3-11-80.)