As used in this chapter, certain terms are defined as follows:
   (a)    "Helicopter" means an airborne vehicle used for the transportation of persons or material whose support in the air is normally derived from the vertical lift or force produced by airfoils or wings mechanically rotated about an approximately vertical access.
   (b)    "Heliport" means an area, either at ground level or elevated on a structure, that is used or intended to be used for landing or taking off of helicopters and may include some or all of the various facilities useful to helicopter operations such as maintenance, refueling facilities and storage.
   (c)   "Helistop" means a heliport without auxiliary facilities intended to be used only for the taking-off and landing of helicopters.
   (d)    "Helicopter landing site" means a heliport, helistop or any other surface used or intended to be used for helicopter operations or landing, which is hereinafter referred to as a "site". (Ord. 61-1982. Passed 10-12-82.)