(a)    No person who resides within this City shall ride or propel a bicycle or tricycle upon any sidewalk, street, highway, boulevard, public place or public path set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles or tricycles, unless such bicycle or tricycle has been licensed by the Mayor or a clerk or secretary designated by him for such purpose, and the license is attached thereto on the frame of the bicycle or tricycle for which issued. Hereafter, reference to the Mayor shall include his designated clerk or secretary.
   (b)    This section shall not apply to any bicycle or tricycle in transit within the corporate limits of the City, provided that the owner is a resident of another community.
   (c)    Application for registration of a bicycle or tricycle shall be made to the Mayor upon an approved application form furnished by the Mayor, The applicant shall state his name, address and phone number and the make, color, serial number, if any, and/or other identifying features of the bicycle or tricycle, as well as any other pertinent information as may be required.
   (d)    Upon receipt of the completed application for registration, and the required fee of one dollar ($1.00), the Mayor shall issue a reflectorized license decal valid during the residence of the applicant within the City or the remaining life of the bicycle or tricycle, whichever is sooner. Upon the sale of a licensed bicycle or tricycle, the licensee shall remove the license decal.
   (e)    License decals which are defaced or destroyed shall be replaced by the owner.
   (f)    No person shall maliciously remove, destroy, mutilate or alter any serial number of any bicycle or tricycle or license decal licensed hereunder.
   (g)    The Mayor shall be notified of any change of address of the owner of a registered bicycle or tricycle within the City.
   (h)    Reciprocity shall be granted between S.P.A.N. municipalities in regard to license decals, when an owner of a licensed bicycle or tricycle moves from one municipality to another. (Ord. 11-1974. Passed 3-26-74.)