(a)    A permit issued by the Chief of Police or his designated representative shall be required for the shipping or transportation of the following radioactive materials by motor vehicle into, within, through or out of the City.
      (1)    Plutonium isotopes in any quantity and form exceeding two grams or twenty curies, whichever is less;
      (2)    Uranium enriched in the isotope U-235 exceeding twenty-five atomic percent of the total uranium content in quantities where the U-235 content exceeds one kilogram;
      (3)    Any elements with atomic number eighty-nine or greater, the activity of which exceeds twenty curies;
      (4)    Spent reactor fuel elements or mixed fission products associated with such fuel elements the activity of which exceeds twenty curies;
      (5)    Large quantity radioactive materials;
      (6)    Any quantity, arrangement and packaging combination of fissile material specified by the United States Nuclear Regulatory agency to be accompanied by an escort for safety reasons.
   (b)    This section shall not apply to radioactive materials shipped or transported by or for the United States Government for military or security purposes or for purposes related to national defense.
(Ord. 12-1979. Passed 3-13-79.)