(a)   The Village shall not approve the proposed location of ground-mounted Small Cell Equipment unless the Applicant:
      (1)    Proposes the ground-mounted Equipment in connection with a Collocation; and
      (2)    Shows that the Equipment cannot be feasibly placed on the Wireless Support Structure or in an underground vault.
   (b)   If technically feasible Small Cell Equipment should be located in a vault buried underground rather than being ground-mounted. If underground placement is not technically feasible, ground-mounted Small Cell Equipment shall be contained in a shroud or cabinet.
   (c)   All ground-mounted Small Cell Equipment shall be installed in a manner that minimizes the visual and ingress and egress impact to the general public.
   (d)   Ground-mounted Small Cell Equipment shall be placed as far as practicable from pedestrian sidewalks and shall neither block nor be placed within the sidewalk in any way.
(Ord. 2018-25. Passed 9-12-18.)