As used in this chapter, "unnecessary use or consumption" means the use or consumption of water for purposes other than personal health, safety, sanitation and bodily consumption. "Unnecessary use of consumption" of waters includes but is not limited to sprinkling or watering lawns, other land irrigation, the washing of automobiles, houses or other structures and the use of water for recreational purposes such as the maintenance of swimming pools. The use of water for private construction such as the mixing and curing of concrete, the puddling of backfill in excavations, the moistening of masonry walls preparatory to pointing or sealing, and other similar uses is not an unnecessary use or consumption of water. The use of water to scrub and rinse areas such as hard-surface drives, garage floors, patios and similar uses where necessary for the purpose of sanitation and the protection of health is not an unnecessary use or consumption of water.
(Ord. 1992-46. Passed 9-9-92.)