Each householder within the Village shall procure and keep available for the exclusive use of such premises or the part thereof occupied by the householder, water tight containers of durable construction such as nonrusting metal, plastic or plastic bags with a capacity of not less than ten (10) gallons or more than thirty (30) gallons. The containers, when filled, shall not exceed fifty (50) pounds in weight.
   Containers shall be provided by the householder and maintained in good condition. All containers shall be provided with handles and tight fitting cover and shall be free of sharp or ragged edges. All rubbish containers shall be drained of liquid before being placed for collection. Any containers that do not conform with the provisions of this Chapter shall be promptly replaced upon notice by authority of the Director. The Director shall have authority to refuse collection services for failure to comply with these regulations. If rubbish should become frozen in the container, the Director shall have authority to refuse collection of the contents thereof.
   All bulk refuse such as cardboard boxes, crates, brush, scrap and other similar refuse which cannot be placed in proper containers shall be tied in bundles of such size as may be readily handled by one collector, but in no event shall the bundles be more than three (3) feet in length, width, or height nor greater than fifty (50) pounds in weight.
   No person shall remove any garbage from any premises occupied by the householder except by authority of the Service Director.
(Ord. 1991-12. Passed 3-6-91.)