(a)   The Village of Highland Hills shall be responsible for pruning trees and shrubs on village property so that no tree or shrub shall obstruct or interfere with the free passage of pedestrians on any sidewalk or the free passage of vehicles on the paved portion of any street or the view of traffic signs or signals or with the extension or maintenance of wires for street lights. The minimum clearance shall be 8 feet over sidewalk and 14 feet over the paved portion of streets.
   (b)   Any person who has received from a village a grant to occupy the streets, lanes or public grounds of the village for the purpose of erecting and maintaining poles, wires, fixtures, brackets and supports for the necessary wires thereon shall upon certification by the Municipal Forestry Manager that any such wire under its control is interfering with a public tree, prune such tree at no expense to the village within 48 hours or other reasonable time designated by the Municipal Forestry Manger in the notification in such manner as to remove any interference the tree from the wires.
(Ord. 1992-9. Passed 2-27-92.)