Except as authorized by permit issued by the Municipal Forestry Manager:
   (a)   No person shall damage, cut, carve, prune or remove any public tree; no attach any rope, wire, nails, advertising poster or other artifact to any public tree, nor allow any toxic substance to harm or damage any public tree; nor set fire to or otherwise injury by fire any other public tree.
   (b)   No person shall plant or transplant any tree in any street or park, or in any property owned by the Village of Highland Hills, without the express written permission of the Municipal Forestry Manager.
   (c)   No person shall spray, inject, or otherwise apply any fertilizer or pesticide, including but not limited to dormant oil, insecticide, fungicide, herbicide or biological control, to any public tree.
      (Ord. 1992-9. Passed 2-27-92.)