1305.06 FEES.
   (a)   Permit fees for all new permanently located structures, including any accessory building, utility building, detached garage used in conjunction with one, two or three-family dwelling units shall be charged a fee of fifteen dollars ($15. 00) plus five cents (.05c) per square foot of floor space.
   (b)   Fees for permits as provided for in subsection (a) hereof pertaining to new constructions shall include all construction, plumbing and electrical inspection as well as the final certificate of occupancy.
   (c)   The permits for repairs or remodeling of existing one, two and three-family dwelling units shall be fifteen dollars ($15.00) for any of the following:
      (1)   Structural changes.
      (2)    Electrical wiring or changes in any service entrance.
      (3)    Any plumbing when remodeling or repairing includes the changing of any taps to the Village systems.
(Ord. 855. Passed 2-15-82.)