(a)   Council, upon recommendation by the Mayor, is hereby empowered to appoint a six-member Rehabilitation Board of Review (hereinafter "the Board"). Each member of the Board shall have some association with, connection to or special interest in the Village, which may include, by way of example, residency or employment in the Village.
   (b)   Board members shall be appointed for terms of six years each, except that the term of two of the members of the first Board shall be for six years, two members for four years, and two members for two years. All members shall serve without compensation. Vacancies may be filled for unexpired terms only.
   (c)   Board members may be appointed to successive terms without limitation.
   (d)   The Board may recommend removal of any member for good cause, which shall include, without limitation, unethical conduct or failure of a member to perform appointed duties. Following a review, the Board may request Council to remove the member based upon review findings.
   Upon failure of a Board member to attend three consecutive Board meetings, or upon failure to attend 30 percent or more of the Board's meetings within any 12-month period, the Board shall review the circumstances relative to the member's attendance. Following the review, the Board may request Council to remove the member based upon the review findings.
   (e)   If any Board member ceases to have some association with, connection to, or special interest in, the Village, the same shall constitute his or her resignation from the Board effective upon the date of replacement as appointed by Council upon recommendation by the Mayor.
   (f)   The Board may adopt its own rules and procedures and, in addition, may make recommendations for the amendment of the Rehabilitation Standards, which shall be submitted to Council for approval.
(Ord. 98-16. Passed 5-18-98.)