Nonconforming Uses
1185.01   Intent.
1185.02   Incompatibility of nonconformities.
1185.03   Avoidance of undue hardship.
1185.04   Single nonconforming lot of record.
1185.05   Nonconforming lots of record in combination.
1185.06   Nonconforming uses of land.
1185.07   Nonconforming structures.
1185.08   Nonconforming uses of structures or of structures and land in combination.
1185.09   Repairs and maintenance.
1185.10   Conditional uses and nonconforming uses distinguished.
1185.11   Nonconforming lots of record in R-3 and R-4 Districts.
   Nonconforming uses, retroactive measures - see Ohio R.C. 713.15