General Provisions and Penalty
501.01   Definitions.
501.02   Classification of offenses.
501.03   Common law offenses abrogated.
501.04   Rules of construction.
501.05   Criminal law jurisdiction.
501.06   Limitation on criminal prosecutions.
501.07   Requirements for criminal liability; voluntary intoxication.
501.08   Culpable mental states.
501.09   Attempts.
501.10   Complicity.
501.11   Organizational criminal liability.
501.12   Personal accountability for organizational conduct.
501.13   Self-defense: limitations on duty to retreat prior to using force.
501.99   Penalties for misdemeanor; suspension of driver's license.
   See section histories for similar State law
   Limitation of prosecutions for income tax violations - see Ohio R.C. 718.06
   Modification of sentence - see Ohio R.C. 2929.10(C), (D)
   Penalty considerations - see Ohio R.C. 2929.22
   Citation issuance for minor misdemeanors - see Ohio R.C. 2935.26 et seq.