13-1-10: EXCEPTIONS:
The requirements of this chapter may be waived by the village board of trustees if:
   A.   There exists now and will likely exist for the indefinite future, a legal impediment to annexation to any of the other units of local government, to the extent necessitated by such impediment; or
   B.   The property is being annexed without the consent of the owners or occupants thereof pursuant to any section of 65 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/7-1-1 et seq.; or
   C.   A request for a waiver is filed by another unit of local government; or
   D.   Failure to grant the waiver would impede attainment of the purposes of this chapter, the orderly development and enjoyment of property, or the welfare of the village; or
   E.   The property has already been annexed to another unit of local government; or
   F.   A majority of the members of the board of trustees vote to waive the requirement(s). (Ord. 2009-113, 9-21-2009)