A.   All persons desiring to annex or disconnect property to or from the village shall furnish to the village clerk the following:
      1.   Completed petition for annexation or disconnection, including the legal description of the property to be annexed or disconnected;
      2.   The current and proposed zoning classification of the property;
      3.   Two (2) mylar drawings and five (5) copies of the area to be annexed or disconnected, drawn clearly and legibly by a registered Illinois land surveyor or registered professional engineer;
      4.   An affidavit of notice to any fire protection district and, if applicable, to any township highway commissioner and board of trustees of the township from any of which the property is proposed to be disconnected; and
      5.   The real estate index number of the property, area thereof, most recent equalized assessed valuation of the property to be annexed and the last year's real property tax levied by the rural township on the property, both for corporate purposes and for road and bridge tax.
   B.   No annexation or disconnection ordinance will be acted upon by the village board of trustees unless such information is furnished by the petitioner. (Ord. 2009-113, 9-21-2009)