The definition section of any regulation hereinafter adopted by the village shall be controlling for that specific regulation and may be referenced to define any term not specifically set forth herein or in any regulation hereinafter adopted. Any term not specifically defined in this chapter or in the regulations adopted hereby shall be defined as stated in the latest edition of Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.
ACCESSORY STRUCTURE: A detached structure subordinate to the main or principal structure and located on the same lot, the use of which is customary to the main building.
OWNER: Any person, firm, corporation or other business entity which, alone, jointly or severally with others, shall be in actual possession of, or have charge, care or control of any dwelling, dwelling unit, rooming unit, structure or accessory structure within the village as owner, employee or agent of the titleholder. Any person acting in the capacity of an "owner" shall be bound to comply with the provisions of this chapter to the same extent as if he were the "owner".
PERSON: Includes a corporation, firm, partnership, association, organization or any other group acting as a unit as well as an individual. The term shall also include an executor, administrator, trustee, receiver or other representative appointed according to law. Whenever the word "person" is used in any section of this chapter prescribing a penalty or fine, as to partnerships or associations, the word shall include the partners or members thereof. Where corporations are concerned, the word shall include the officer, agents or members thereof who are responsible for any violation of such section. (Ord. 2009-08, 2-2-2009)