A.   Entry Powers; Limitations On Requested Information:
      1.   The superintendent and other duly authorized employees of the village, the Illinois environmental protection agency, and the U.S. environmental protection agency, bearing proper credentials and identification, shall be permitted to enter all properties for the purposes of inspection, observation, measurement, sampling, and testing in accordance with the provisions of this chapter and chapters 2, 3 and 4 of this title. The superintendent or his representative shall have no authority to inquire into any processes, including metallurgical, chemical, oil refining, ceramic, paper, or other industries beyond that point having a direct bearing on the kind and source of discharge to the sewers or waterway or facilities for waste treatment.
      2.   The superintendent and other duly authorized employees of the village bearing proper credentials and identification shall be permitted to enter all private properties through which the village holds a duly negotiated easement for the purposes of, but not limited to, inspection, observation, measurement, sampling, repair, and maintenance of any portion of the sewage works lying within said easement. All entry and subsequent work, if any, on said easement, shall be done in full accordance with the terms of the duly negotiated easement pertaining to the private property involved.
   B.   Safety Precautions: While performing the necessary work on private properties, the superintendent or duly authorized employees of the village shall observe all safety rules applicable to the premises established by the company, and the company shall be held harmless for injury or death to the employees, and the village shall indemnify the company against loss or damage to its property by village employees and against liability claims and demands for personal injury or property damage asserted against the company and growing out of gauging and sampling operations, except as such may be caused by negligence or failure of the company to maintain safe conditions as required in section 9-3-8 of this title. (1981 Code § 6-2-10)