No connection shall be made with the combined waterworks and sewerage system without submittal of a completed application and fees for a utility permit by the property owner and issuance of utility permit by the village 1 . See section 9-4-13 of this title for meter and inspection fees for water and sewerage connections. All connections to the water and sewerage system shall be made by a plumber licensed by the state of Illinois and at the expense of the property owner unless the village specifies otherwise. Any connection made to the water system shall be supervised by the superintendent of public works or his designee, and any connection to the sewerage system shall be inspected by the superintendent of public works or his designee after connection but prior to covering the connection. Any connection or opening made with the waterworks and sewerage system without such permission or in any manner different from the mode prescribed for such opening or connection shall subject the maker to a penalty as herein provided. (Ord. 2009-29, 3-16-2009)



2. See title 10, chapter 4 of this code for further information.