A.   It shall be illegal for any person to bring into the village any diseased or sickly horse, cow (or bull), swine, dog, cat, or other animal of any kind or nature or any animal that has been exposed to any disease that is contagious among such animals.
   B.   It shall be illegal for any person to keep, retain, or allow to be kept or retained, at any place within the village, any horse, ass or colt having the disease known as glanders or farcy.
   C.   Any animal in any street or public place within the village and appearing, in the estimation of any police officer or representative of the county health department, to be injured or diseased past recovery for any useful purpose, and not being attended and properly cared for by the owner or some proper person having charge thereof for the owner, or not having been removed to some private premises or to some place designated by such officer or representative, may be deprived of life by such officer or representative or as he may direct, and shall thereafter, unless at once removed by the owner, be treated as any other dead animal found on a street or place. No person other than police officers or representatives of the county health department or persons authorized by contract or other authority shall in any way interfere with such dead, sick or injured animal in any street or place, and no person shall skin or wound such animal in such street or public place unless to terminate its life as herein authorized; except, that the owner or person having control of such animal may terminate the life thereof in the presence and with the consent of a police officer or representative of the county health department. It is illegal for any person to engage in or do any acts prohibited in this chapter. (Ord. 2008-37, 11-3-2008)