A.   Official Copies: The village clerk shall keep two (2) copies of this code current. These copies shall be preserved by the village clerk so that all amendments thereto and all general ordinances hereafter passed may be inserted in their appropriate places in such volumes, and all sections of this code or ordinances repealed from time to time may be extracted therefrom for the purpose of maintaining such two (2) copies in such condition that they will show all general ordinances passed up to date at any time in such manner that ready reference may be had thereto. (1981 Code § 1-7; amd. 2011 Code)
   B.   Custody And Distribution Of Copies: All the printed codes containing the revised ordinances shall be in the custody and keeping of the village clerk. The mayor shall have authority to extend to or reciprocate courtesies of other cities by presenting to them a copy of this code bound at the expense of the village in such a manner as to him may seem advisable. (1981 Code § 1-15)
   C.   Purchase Price: Printed copies of this code and any ordinance imposing any fine, penalty, imprisonment, or forfeiture, or making any appropriation which may be printed in book or pamphlet form, published by authority of the village board, shall, so long as such books or pamphlets are in supply, be available for distribution to the public. The board may impose a reasonable price commensurate with the cost of the printing thereof for the distribution of such book or pamphlet to the public. (1981 Code § 1-16)