A.   Creation; Dissolution: The mayor, with the advice and consent of the board of trustees, may, by ordinance, create or dissolve any special committees deemed necessary and in the best interest of the village.
   B.   Appointment; Chair: The mayor, with the advice and consent of the board of trustees, shall appoint the members of special committees and shall designate the chair of each committee.
   C.   Authority And Duties: The primary function of special committees is one of policy recommendation. The actual administration of a particular municipal activity or department remains the responsibility of the administrative official in charge thereof. Said committees shall conduct investigations, make detailed studies of pending proposals, submit recommendations to the board of trustees for official action, or any other authority prescribed by the board of trustees.
   D.   Meetings: Each special committee shall hold such public meetings as may be necessary to attend to all matters referred to such committee. The time and place of all public meetings shall be determined by the chair of each special committee. Special meetings of each special committee may be called at any time by the chair or any two (2) members of each special committee. Public notice of committee meetings shall be given in accordance with the open meetings act. (Ord. 2009-51, 5-4-2009)