A.   All Commercial Enterprises Must Be Licensed: A person conducting, operating, transacting, engaging in, or carrying on any commercial enterprise within the City must apply for and obtain a license as provided in this chapter.
      1.   Separate License Required For Each Location Of Each Commercial Enterprise:
         a.   Each separate commercial enterprise is required to be licensed separately even if owned by the same owner.
         b.   Each location of the commercial enterprise requires a separate license. A separate application must be submitted for each location.
      2.   Certain Commercial Enterprises Subject To Additional Requirements: A commercial enterprise that engages in the following activities as part of its operations is required to obtain an additional endorsement, which may be subject to additional application requirements, as determined by the City, and fees as determined by the City Commission, as part of their business license.
         a.   Alcoholic beverages seller.
         b.   Pawnbroker.
         c.   Medical marijuana dispensary.
         d.   Marijuana grow operations.
         e.   Home occupation.
         f.   Tobacco retailer.
         g.   Casino.
      3.   Prohibited Commercial Enterprises Not To Be Licensed: No provision herein contained may be construed so as to license any commercial enterprise prohibited by any law of the United States or the State of Montana, or by any provision of this Code, except that medical marijuana dispensaries and grow operations are permitted.
      4.   Exclusions: The requirements of this chapter do not apply to the following:
         a.   Persons or entities with no base of operations in Lewis and Clark County who exclusively deal with and contact licensed businesses only by salesmen, telephone or mail.
         b.   Persons under eighteen (18) years old.
   B.   Licenses Are A Privilege: All licenses issued pursuant to provisions of this Code are revocable privileges, and no holder thereof acquires any vested rights therein.
   C.   Form Of License: The license issued must be in the form prescribed by the City and must be signed in blank by the Mayor and countersigned by the City Finance Director when granted. (Ord. 3250, 5-20-2019)