(A)   No person shall conduct the commercial business of selling, grooming, breeding, showing, exhibiting or boarding of animals without a valid permit from the Animal Services Department.
   (B)   Every person engaged in the business of buying, selling, grooming, breeding, showing, exhibiting or boarding of animals, and all persons who conduct animal club shows, must comply with all existing regulations governing that business or show, and shall maintain the animals in compliance with this code so as not to endanger the public or animal health or safety, or create a nuisance.
   (C)   Application for permits shall be made to Animal Services on forms furnished by Animal Services. The application will not be approved until certification has been received from appropriate city officials that the zoning, construction and facility comply with existing ordinances for establishments housing such business. If  the permit application is approved by the Supervisor of Animal Services, he or she shall issue the permit upon payment of the appropriate fee. Animal Services shall make any inspections necessary to assure compliance under this chapter. Animals shall be kept under sanitary conditions so as not to endanger the public or animal health, or create a nuisance.
   (D)   All permits issued under this section shall be valid for the following 12 months and shall be renewed annually thereafter by proper written application and payment of fee. No permit issued under this section shall be renewed without the approval of the Supervisor of Animal Services. Permits to show or exhibit animals (rodeos, circuses, show, and the like) shall be valid only for the 30-day period immediately following issue. No permit shall be transferable.
   (E)   (1)   Fees for the following shall be charged as specified in the approved fee schedule:
         (a)   Show or exhibition;
         (b)   Grooming;
         (c)   Dealer (retail and/or wholesale distributor);
         (d)   Commercial (not covered by “dealer”).
      (2)   Persons requiring more than one such permit shall be charged all applicable fees. Such fees shall be equal to the amount of the highest individual permit fee which would have been charged if the permits had been separately issued.
   (F)   In cases involving a scientific or educational program, a nonprofit organization’s show, exhibition, or humane activity, or animals owned by the city, the Supervisor of Animal Services may waive requirements of this section concerning permits, fees, or conditions, within his or her discretion.
   (G)   All businesses described in this section must display the required permits in public view at the business.
   (H)   Licensed veterinarian and veterinary clinics are exempt from this section.
   (I)   (1)   The Supervisor of Animal Services may revoke any permit for failure to comply with regulations contained herein.
      (2)   Revocation may be appealed within ten days to an administration appeals board comprised of the City Manager or his or her representative, the Director of Animal Services or his or her representative, and the City Attorney or his or her representative.
(Ord. 101116A, passed 11-16-2010)