(A)   At the time of making application for utility services or reactivating disconnected utility services as provided by the city, the customer shall make a deposit with the Utility Office in the following amounts:
      (1)   For water, sewer, and solid waste collection service: $325.
      (2)   For water and solid waste collection service: $250.
      (3)   For sewer and solid waste collection service: $125.
      (4)   For solid waste collection service: $50.
   (B)   The initial deposit may be paid over a two-month period at the customer’s request.
   (C)   With respect to reactivating discontinued service, the city may require an additional deposit to bring the customer’s deposit current with the required amount, if the initial deposit was applied to offset the delinquent bill.
   (D)   The deposit may be refunded if the customer’s account is determined to be current and in good standing at the end of the initial 12 months of service. The account shall be considered in good standing if during the 12-month period there were no disconnects, no NSF checks, and no more than one late penalty. The refund will be applied to customer’s account or paid to the customer on request.
(Ord. 090120, passed 1-20-2009)