For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ALARM SYSTEM.  A device or system that emits, transmits, or relays a signal that is intended to notify the public safety department of an unauthorized intrusion, attempted unauthorized intrusion, robbery, attempted robbery, an attempt to take a person hostage, the presence of smoke, heat fire or trapped persons, and, is intended to summon, or that would reasonably be expected to summon, public safety services of the city, including, but not limited to, local alarms.  ALARM SYSTEMS does not include:
      (1)   An alarm installed on a vehicle unless the vehicle is permanently located at a site; or
      (2)   An alarm designed to alert only the inhabitants of the premises located at the site.
   ALARM NOTIFICATION.  A notification intended to summon police/fire services, which is designed either to be initiated purposely by a person or by an alarm system that responds to a stimulus characteristic of fire, emergency or unauthorized intrusion.
   ALARM SITE.  A single premise or location (one street address) served by an alarm system or systems that are under the control of one owner.
   BROADCAST ALARM.  An alarm system that emits a signal at an alarm site that is audible or visible from the exterior of a structure.
   DIRECTOR.  The Director of Public Safety of the city or his/her authorized representative.
   FIRE ALARM.  Any system or device that is permitted and installed to meet the minimum standards of the adopted Fire Code and Code of Ordinances and appropriate state requirements and designed as an automatic communication device giving early warning of smoke, heat, fire, suppression system activation, and trouble, including the notification of a U.L. listed approved central station.
   FIRE MARSHAL.  The fire marshal of the city or his/her authorized representative.
   PERMIT HOLDER OR PERSON IN CONTROL.  The person designated as such in the application for an alarm permit or the person that is responsible for responding to alarms and giving access to the site and who is responsible for proper maintenance and operation of the alarm system and payment of fees.  Such person must be at least 18 years of age.
   PERSON.  An individual, corporation, partnership, association, organization, or similar entity.
(Ord. 080916E, passed 9-26-2008)