(A)   It shall be the duty of every police officer to make arrest, without a warrant, when a state law or city ordinance has been violated in his or her presence; but in making the arrest, and in conveying the offender to the county jail, he or she shall use only such force as is necessary to affect this purpose.
   (B)   In all cases of the arrest of any person without a warrant, the police officer making the arrest shall bring that person immediately before the Municipal Court, if in session, and if the court not be in session, the Police Officer shall commit the person to the Rockwall County Jail, there to be safely kept in custody until the court shall be in session, when the person shall be taken immediately before the Court, there to be tried according to law; provided, that the Director of Public Safety, or any police officer duly authorized may take good and sufficient bail from the offender for his or her appearance before the Municipal Court.
(2005 Code, § 4-1-5)