(A)   The Director of Public Safety shall be the Director of Public Safety of the city and shall operate directly under the City Council.
   (B)   He or she shall have like power with the sheriff of the county to execute search warrants and other writs.
   (C)   He or she shall be active in quelling riots, disorders, disturbances of the peace and violations of every kind within the city limits, and shall take into custody all persons thus offending, and may make good and sufficient bail for the appearance before the Municipal Court of any person charged with an offense which the Municipal Court has jurisdiction to try.
   (D)   It shall be his or her duty to arrest without warrant all violators of the laws and ordinances of the State of Texas or the City of Heath and all who obstruct or interfere with him or her in the discharge of his or her duties.
   (E)   In the prevention and suppression of crime and the arrest of offenders, he or she shall have the same powers of the sheriff of the county under the laws of the State of Texas.
   (F)   He or she shall perform other and further duties and shall have other and further powers as the governing body may by resolution or ordinance require or confer, or as may be prescribed by state law.
(2005 Code, § 4-1-2)