(A)   Any mover desiring to move a building or structure shall file with the Building Inspector a written application setting forth:
      (1)   The type and kind of building to be moved;
      (2)   The original cost of the building;
      (3)   The extreme dimensions of the length, height and width of the building;
      (4)   Its present location and the proposed new location by lot, block, subdivision and street number;
      (5)   The approximate time the building will be upon the streets of the city and the contemplated route that will be taken from the present to the new location; and
      (6)   Other information as may be requested by the Building Inspector.
   (B)   Before the application for permit is made, the mover shall make arrangements with the public utilities, railroads and other persons, firms or corporations whose facilities are involved in the movement, for the removal, relocation and replacement of wires, poles or other improvements to enable the building or structure to be moved with proper clearance as provided for herein.
   (C)   The application and other information furnished by the applicant shall be examined and the building or structure sought to be moved inspected, as provided for herein, by the Building Inspector and, if found to be in conformity with the requirements of this code and all other laws and chapters applicable thereto, the Building Inspector shall issue a permit to the mover upon receipt of the required fees as provided herein.
   (D)   Upon issuance of the permit, the Building Inspector shall cause notice to be given to the Department of Public Safety of the city, and the mover shall notify the railroads and any others who may be affected by the temporary obstruction of the streets and/or right-of-way.
(2005 Code, § 9-7-5)