(A)   An officer of the City of Heath shall tag, label or otherwise identify any food subject to a hold order. No food subject to a hold order shall be used, served or moved from the establishment. The City of Heath’s hold order shall permit storage of the food under the conditions specified in the hold order, unless storage is not possible without risk to the public health, in which case immediate destruction shall be ordered and accomplished.
   (B)   A hold order shall state that a request for a hearing may be filed within ten days after issuance thereof and that if no hearing is requested the food shall be destroyed. On the basis of evidence produced at that hearing, the hold order may be vacated, or the owner or person in charge of the food may be directed by written order to denature or destroy the food or to bring it into compliance with the provisions of this section.
(2005 Code, § 9-13-7)  (Ord. 010419A, passed - -)