(A)   25 TAC § 229.163(b) of the rules, knowledge, demonstration, is amended to delete “or” and substitute therefor “and.”
   (B)   Every food establishment that has employees whose work brings them in contact with the handling of food, utensils or food service equipment shall have a certified food protection manager.
      (1)   A certified food protection manager is a manager or person in charge, on duty during all times of operation, who has completed a food protection management class from any institution or firm of their choice accredited by the Texas Department of Health.
      (2)   Food establishments that serve, sell, or distribute only prepackaged non-potentially hazardous food and beverages, and temporary food establishments are exempt from this section.
      (3)   A certified food protection manager is required for each section of each food establishment. The City of Heath may require additional certified food protection managers in sufficient number to insure that all areas of food preparation and food service, during times of operation, are under the direction of such certified supervisory personnel.
      (4)   If a food establishment does not meet the requirements for a certified food protection manager because of the termination or transfer of certified personnel, the food establishment shall employ another certified food protection manager within 45 days after the termination or transfer, unless an extension of time is required by the establishment and granted, in writing, by the regulatory authority.
      (5)   Food protection management certification shall be valid for not less than three years at which time an approved food protection re-certification class must be completed. Re-certification shall be completed within 45 days after the expiration of the original certification, and every three years thereafter.
      (6)   Each certified food protection manager shall make application to the City of Heath. A fee of $30 per person shall be collected by the City of Heath.
      (7)   Additional training of non-management personnel may be required should it be deemed necessary to protect the public.
(2005 Code, § 9-13-3)  (Ord. 010419A, passed - -)