(A)   The Director shall maintain a wrecker rotation list in alphabetical order which shall contain the names and addresses of each wrecker service operator who complies with the provisions of this chapter in order that the operator might be called upon for wrecker service by the Director of the Department of Public Safety.
   (B)   The police officer receiving a call at police headquarters for wrecker service shall call the first wrecker company on the list to tow the disabled vehicle or move the same from the public streets of the city.
   (C)   After the operator at the top of the list receives a call then that name shall be placed at the bottom of the list and the next operator shall be moved to the top of the list and he or she shall receive calls.
   (D)   This process shall be repeated until each operator providing police wrecker service pursuant to § 112.25 above has received calls.
   (E)   The Department of Public Safety shall notify each wrecker operator in sufficient time prior to his or her rendering the wrecker service in order that the operator might adequately provide the necessary persons and equipment to answer the calls.
(2005 Code, § 6-4-16)  (Ord. 900201, passed 2-1-1990)