(A)   The Director may, at any time, give notice in writing to the permittee, manager or other person in control of the operation and maintenance of the wrecker service, that the permit issued for the operation and maintenance of the private wrecker has been revoked. The notice of revocation shall become a final revocation after the expiration of three days from the date of the service of same, unless on or before the expiration of the three days the permittee shall file with the City Council a written appeal of the revocation.
   (B)   The appeal shall operate as a stay of revocation of the permit issued until such time as the City Council shall grant a hearing and make a final adjudication. The hearing shall be held within 30 days after the date of filing of the appeal, and that action and judgment of the City Council, after hearing all the evidence and facts, shall be final and conclusive as to all parties.
(2005 Code, § 6-4-13)