(A)   The expense incurred pursuant to § 94.02 above in correcting the condition of the property and the cost of publishing notice in the newspaper shall be paid by the city and charged to the owner of the property.
   (B)   In the event the owner fails or refuses to pay that expense within 30 days after the first day of the month following the one in which the work was done, the city shall file with the County Clerk of Rockwall County a statement of the expenses incurred in correcting the condition of the property.
   (C)   When the statement is filed, the city shall have privileged lien on the property, second only to tax liens and liens for street improvements, to secure the payment of the amount so expended.
   (D)   The amount shall bear interest at the rate of 10% per annum from the date the city incurs the expense.
   (E)   For any such expenditures and interest, suit may be instituted and recovery and foreclosure had by the city.
   (F)   The statement of expense filed with the County Clerk, or a certified copy thereof, shall be prima facie proof of the amount expended in the work; improvement or correction of the property, all as more particularly specified in Tex. Health and Safety Code, § 342.007, which is hereby adopted.
(2005 Code, § 9-10-4)