(A)   The Department of Public Safety shall investigate reports in which animals have bitten persons. It shall be the responsibility of Animal Control Officers to obtain details on the bite cases, and to conduct a follow-up investigation of the biting animal to determine if it is suffering from rabies.
   (B)   Any animal suspected of biting a person or animal shall be placed under a quarantine watch to determine if the animal is infected with rabies. This quarantine shall be for a period not less than ten days after the biting of the person or animal.
   (C)   The owner of the animal shall surrender the animal to the Animal Control Officer immediately, or otherwise arrange for the Animal Control Officer immediately, or otherwise arrange for the Animal Control Officer to pick up and retain the animal, in a separate kennel at the animal shelter for the period of the quarantine. After the animal has been released from quarantine, the owner may redeem the animal from the animal shelter by payment of the fees prescribed in this chapter.
   (D)   In lieu of quarantine at the animal shelter, the Director of Public Safety or his or her designee, may authorize the animal to be retained on the owner’s premises for an animal that was not running at large, that has no history of biting and that is vaccinated and registered in accordance with this chapter.
      (1)   When quarantined at home the animal must be restrained and removed to an area where it will not come in contact with any persons or animals outside of the household.
      (2)   The animal must be made available to the Animal Control Officer for periodic inspection.
      (3)   The owner will observe the animal for any signs of illness or personality changes or report such changes to the Animal Control Officer.
      (4)   The animal may not be removed from the known quarantine location without prior notification and approval of the Animal Control Officer.
      (5)   The animal will remain under quarantine until the owner is notified that the final health inspection has been made and that the animal has been cleared by the Animal Control Officer. Contact will be made by phone, personal service or certified mail.
      (6)   The animal may not receive a vaccination for rabies during the quarantine period.
      (7)   Failure to comply with all conditions of residence quarantine will result in the animal being impounded at the animal shelter for the duration of the quarantine period.
   (E)   After the animal has been released from quarantine, the owner will have five days in which to have the animal registered with the city by the purchase of a city registration tag.
   (F)   It shall be unlawful for any person to interfere with the enforcement of this section or to fail or refuse to surrender to an Animal Control Officer or other member of the Department of Public Safety any animal involved or suspected of being involved in a bite case, or to otherwise fail or refuse to provide for the quarantining of animals as may be authorized by this chapter.
(2005 Code, § 9-2-12)  (Ord. 101116A, passed 11-16-2010)   Penalty, see § 10.99