(A)   It shall be the duty of the owner or harborer of any animal or practicing veterinarian to report to the Department of Public Safety all suspected cases of rabies. The report shall be made immediately upon diagnosis or suspicion of rabies in animals.
   (B)   Should a potential outbreak of rabies within the city be suspected and the danger to the public safety from rabid animals be reasonably imminent, the Director of Public Safety is hereby authorized to issue a quarantine proclamation, ordering persons owning, keeping or harboring dogs, or other animals to muzzle the same or confine them for such time as may be specified in such quarantine proclamation by local newspapers, persons owning or harboring the animals shall confine them to premises unless they are effectively muzzled and under the control of an adult person by leash, cord, chain or rope. Animals found at large in violation of this division may be destroyed by an officer of the city if the officer is unable with reasonable effort to apprehend the animals for impoundment.
(2005 Code, § 9-2-11)