Street naming and property numbering procedures shall be established in conjunction with the platting and subdivision requirements of the City of Heath.
   (A)   Procedures.
      (1)   A survey and inventory of all public street names within the boundaries of the City of Heath shall be prepared by the city within two months for use with addressing procedures.
      (2)   Property needing street naming or property number assignment on public roads will be identified.
      (3)   Duplicate names or similar sounding names will be repealed and renamed on the recommendation of staff and approval of the City Council.
   (B)   Street name criteria.
      (1)   No duplication of existing names, no similar-sounding names, Directionals are spelled out, i.e. North, East. Dead-ending road shall be designated as cul-de-sacs, cove or court.
      (2)   Other road types may be classified as deemed appropriate by the city.
      (3)   Name changes may be considered for historical or clarification purposes. Name changes must meet the same criteria established for new streets. Any petition submitted for name changes must contain the signatures of three-quarters of the property owners abutting the street. Once the Council has considered a name change and reached a decision, two years must elapse before reconsideration.
      (4)   Final approval of new street names and name change requests resides with the City Council of the City of Heath.
      (5)   Street name adoption must comply with the criteria established under these standards.
   (C)   Property numbering criteria.
      (1)   Number assignment is based upon a grid system.
      (2)   Center point of the grid shall be the intersection of FM 740, FM 1140 and Hubbard Drive.
      (3)   The axis of these streets shall form the base lines with Hubbard Drive and FM 740 forming the east-west line.
      (4)   The north-south line will be FM 1140 and FM 740 South.
      (5)   Block assignments will be determined using intersecting streets, property lines and footage not to exceed 1,000 feet per block.
      (6)   Number assignments progress from the center point outward each direction with the minimum interval distance of 50 feet allowed for each number.
      (7)   Traveling from the center point, odd numbers are assigned to the left and even numbers to the right side of the street.
(2005 Code, § 3-6-2)