Subject to the conditions and provisions set out in this chapter, maintenance of various athletic facilities owned by the city shall be subject to the following:
   (A)   Maintenance of all facilities owned by the city will be performed only by the city unless user groups enter into a written maintenance agreement with the city. No modification, alterations, additions or deletions, temporary or otherwise, may be made to any facility unless written approval is obtained from the city; and
   (B)   Certain facilities as determined by the City Manager may receive enhanced maintenance in cooperation with specific user groups. These facilities shall be used only on a scheduled basis and shall be identifiable by special signage. These facilities may be gated or fenced with controlled access to protect the benefits of enhanced maintenance from unauthorized practices and vandalism.
(2005 Code, § 2-3-13)  (Ord. 030320C, passed - - ; Ord. 090915E, passed 9-15-2009)